About me

The founder of the brand Vladimira Brodska, originally from Moravia, transported her creative inclinations to Jablonec nad nisou, the center of jewelry and art glass, where she attended vocational school. Following graduation she remained in the world famous region and cultivated what has become a long and successful career today.

From the start of her career she has directed her artistic approach towards creating modern, elegant and affordable glass jewelry. Production is consistently hand-crafted, and individual components are selected to match the artist’s creative intent in order to balance with one another and form a harmonious whole with positive energy.

All jewelry is produced using a foundation of high-quality Czech glass and surgical stainless steel. Vladmira also implements a variety of additional materials including cut glass, semi-precious stones, wood, leather or plastic in order to meet the aesthetic vision of the both the artist and client. If you do have further questions, do not hesitate to contact via e-mail: brodskadesign@seznam.cz